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Year 5 Pupil Excels in Short Story Competition

Posted: 21st May 2019 | Category: Year 5

Year 5 Pupil Excels in Short Story Competition

Skippers Hill were delighted to hear that Grace, from Year 5, was successful in making it through to the second round of the BBC Radio 2's 500 words competition.

Each Year, Radio 2 launch the largest short story writing competition in the country where children can write up to 500 words on a story about any subject of their choice. The competition was started seven years ago by presenter, Chris Evans, who was eager to get children excited about reading and writing. The competition is now one of the most successful story-writing competitions for children in the world.

Getting through to the second round is a true testament to Grace's hard work and excellent writing skills. Read her short story below:

If a flower got out of the ground! 

The flower slowly stretched and got out of the ground. The petals folded out gradually and the roots entwined to create brown, spindly limbs. It looked around and saw that it was in a beautiful clearing surrounded by trees. It slowly hobbled along the ground, testing its new feet. It stumbled up to the tall trees and thought, ‘they have a perfect spot, why don’t I?’.

It set out a plan to find the PERFECT place to live. It scrambled over the sharp brambles to find itself on the side of the motorway. It found some soft earth to bury itself into but the tarmac cut into its roots from all sides. It jumped out of the ground and walked along the grass.

It saw from across the road a farm, the sign with rust all over it. The small flower hobbled across the road, avoiding cars every now and again. It finally got to the gate. It climbed up the silver bars and hopped over. It saw a jolly farmer walking along the fields. He looked kind and the flower crept closer. Suddenly, the farmer ripped a carrot out of the ground. The flower could almost hear it screaming in pain!

The flower darted away in a millisecond. It took deep breaths, trying to erase the horrible scene that had just happened from his mind. It went along the course grass by the road for ages, wondering why everything went wrong ALL the time.

A few hours later, it found itself in the middle of a town called Crowborough. Because it couldn’t read, the sign looked more like this: ”($O%BO&R*%”) It slowly inched along the high streets, hiding when necessary. He came across a shop with crates of beautiful flowers in front and amazing decorations in the window. Before you could say sunflower, it darted through the door.

A plump old lady was sat at the counter, arranging a bouquet. The flower jumped into a pot nearby among some wild daisies. The plump woman waltzed over to his vase. She grabbed a handful of daisies and took them to the counter. She hacked at the stems vigorously and then tied them in a gold ribbon. She handed them to an old lady and stuffed the cash into her till. The flower could almost feel his stem being cut. He jumped up and out of the vase just before the woman could swipe him into another handful. The flower sprinted out of the shop. It ran so far that he settled down for the night and then kept on running.

After a few days, it came across a layby in the motorway. It tottered towards it, sensing that it’d been there before. It kept on walking with the layby in its mind. It scrambled through some brambles until it found itself in a field. It settled down in the field that it grew up in.


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