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Year 4s have a taste of Viking Life

Posted: 12th October 2016 | Category: Year 4, Years 3 & 4

Year 4 had an excellent learning experience at Kent Life last week. They took part in a Viking theme day which included attending many different workshops about how the Vikings lived and  their beliefs. Throughout the day the children listened and participated well. They then wrote a recount of their day when they got back to school. Here are some extracts from their writing:
 We learnt that Vikings like mead and wine. They also liked feasts and boasting. The Vikings washed in a bucket and went to the toilet in a hole outside. (Sarah)
Vikings would also use the stars, the moon, the sun and a map to guide them. (Nathan)

I was so excited and as I sat down she suddenly started. As I was drawn to the objects she walked towards me and started to trade with me. My trade was a deer coat and at the end I felt the skins.  (Annabelle)

After lunch we went to a workshop about Viking raiders where a man told us about sword fighting and all the different targets on your body. (William)

After that we went to learn about Viking beliefs which was very funny because there was an argument about the world being square or spherical. When that was over we were told a story about how the Vikings thought the world was created. (Lizzie)

I really liked it and hope to go back again (Jac)

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