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Year 4 Visit Bede’s Zoo

Posted: 20th November 2018 | Category: Year 4

Year 4 Visit Bede’s Zoo

In order to learn all about categorising animals, Year 4 visited Bede's Zoo. Two teachers from Bede's showed the children around and led various sessions, giving many really interesting facts throughout the morning. 

The children first learnt about mammals and went outside to the enclosures to see the lemurs being fed. The group learnt that they live in Madagascar but are under threat from deforestation. The lemurs were very sweet and friendly. After that, the pupils looked at the monkeys. Mr Juniper told the group that the monkeys were a bachelor group who would be used for breeding. Year 4 was also lucky enough to see an extremely rare sight when visiting the Zoo's three kinkajous. They are nocturnal animals but woke up as we neared their cage! They were beautiful but they can be dangerous so the children didn't get too close.

After looking at the mammals, the children moved on to looking at birds. The Zoo has a great collection of beautiful, exotic birds. The pupils watched them have their breakfast of mealworms.

Year 4 also had the opportunity to explore the world of reptiles, fish and insects. The first snake that we looked at was a small corn snake. They also saw a bigger snake and even got to stroke it - it felt soft and silky. The children then met a leopard gecko but this didn't feel quite as soft and was a bit bumpy!

Next, the group moved on to investigate the insects. They saw huge cockroaches that hissed when they were touched. Some of the children were really brave and held one!

The final animal was a strange sight, the blind cave fish. This fish is a freshwater fish found mainly in the caves of Mexico. It was a bit odd because it had no eyes.

By the end of the morning, everyone had learnt lots of new information and facts. Seeing and touching the animals really helped with learning about categorising animals. The children returned to school knowing exactly what features an animal had to have to be put into each category.

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