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Year 4 Learn About the Rainforest

Posted: 5th February 2020 | Category: Year 4

Year 4 Learn About the Rainforest

This term, Year 4 have been learning about the rainforest and have been looking at the Ancient Maya civilisation.

The children began by looking at the layers of the rainforest and investigating which animals lived in each of the four layers. The children then created beautiful tissue paper rainforest animals, including morpho butterflies and sloths. 

In English, the children have been studying a book called 'Over in The Jungle'. We added actions to each of the poems in the book to help us remember them. After studying the poems, we created our own versions and shared them with Reception. They were really impressed! 

We have learned that the Maya people had lots of impressive temples. We tried to create our own pyramids. Maya pyramids are a different shape to the Egyptian pyramids so they are trickier to make. We were very resilient and each made a replica of a Maya temple.  As we have studied the Maya, we have learnt that they could be a bit mean. They would often give human sacrifices to the gods and even had walls made of skulls to scare intruders and bad spirits away. To our surprise, the Maya even had an impact on our lives. They introduced the world to chocolate- how could we live without them!? 

Year 4 have been working very hard to compile a great class assembly. We look forward to sharing more of our learning with you in our assembly after half term. 

Jess Newton - May

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