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Year 2’s Exciting Day of Activities at Bateman’s

Posted: 14th June 2013 | Category: Year 2, Years 1 & 2

Year 2 recently visited Bateman’s, the former home of Rudyard Kipling, where they took part in a number of exciting activities in the house and its surrounding woodland.

Year 2 pupils were met by Jan, the Education Officer, who informed them about the various activities planned for the day.  First stop was the arboretum where the children took part in some sensory activities and creating bark rubbings with crayons, showing the different textures and patterns of the trees. We then went on a colour match hunt.

The ‘Tree game’ followed, where four adult helpers, played the parts of ‘oak’, ‘pine’, ‘willow’ and ‘cocoa tree’ and Jan explained some of the products that we get from these trees.  The activity required the children to play the part of birds and to respond to Jane’s instructions, travelling from tree to tree until all the trees had been cut down to provide things like furniture, aspirin and chocolate.  The activity enabled the children to understand how important trees are to humans as well as wildlife.

Next port of call was the herb garden.  The children  really enjoyed smelling the herbs and looking at the different shapes and sizes of herb some of which they had never heard of.

Jan then led the group off to main lawn, where Kipling used to have a paddle boat. The pond was brimming with goldfish.  The children played the “Magic  Jewel” game  with the emphasis on the senses.

They walked through the gardens down towards the mill where the children used mirrors positioned on the bridge of their nose to give them a feeling of what it would be like to be a bird.

Their next session was the ‘camouflage trail’, which was a kind of treasure hunt in which they had to find everyday objects which had been cunningly camouflaged and hidden among the plants and bushes.

The last outdoor activity was  pond dipping. In pairs, the children were equipped with a net, magnifying container and information cards on insects and a basin.  They were intrigued to find the insect that hides itself inside a stick so that when it moves it appears as if the stick is moving by itself.

Aftcer all this activity, the children thoroughly enjoyed their packed lunches in the picnic area, and the opportunity to play with the bats and balls and other play equipment.

Finally, they moved to the house itself, where Jan gave a lovely talk about Rudyard Kipling,  his family, his life and work at Bateman’s. Everyone found the talk interesting and illuminating and Jan answered some of the children’s queries.

The children enjoyed the opportunity to tour the house in smaller groups and could ask the volunteers any question they wished. They were very inquisitive and there was great commotion when they discovered where the ‘mouse’ was hiding...  but you will have to go there it to find it for yourselves!

It was thoroughly enjoyable outing and the children were a credit to themselves, their parents and Skippers Hill. The outing was made the more enjoyable by the very full participation of all the parent helpers.  Year 2 would like to offer them our sincere thanks.

See photos from Year 2’s visit to Bateman’s here.

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