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Year 2 visit Wakehurst Place

Posted: 28th September 2016 | Category: Year 2, Years 1 & 2

As part of our Plants topic in Science, Year 2 have visited Wakehurst Place.  A lovely teacher called Sue taught us songs about how plants grow and let us examine seeds using different types of microscopes.  Some seeds are ENORMOUS (way too big for the microscope) and some are so tiny that they look like dust!  Sue then took us to the Potting Shed to pot up our very own sunflower seed to take home and grow on a warm, sunny windowsill.  After that, she set us the challenge of finding different vegetables in the vegetable garden.  We had to look for where the seeds grow on the different plants - some grow in the ground, some inside fruit, some inside pods.  There was time then for us to eat our packed lunches (delicious - thank you parents!) and explore the gardens.  We saw a giant Gunnera plant, which Miss Hemsley explained was a type of plant that was growing during the time of the dinosaurs!

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