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VIDEO: Year 2 Learn About ‘Healthy Foods’ at Wagamama’s

Posted: 30th January 2014 | Category: Year 2, Years 1 & 2

As part of their ‘Healthy Foods’ topic in science, Year 2 has been learning about the importance of eating five portions of fruit or vegetables a day and taking regular exercise. Linked to this work, the children enjoyed a marvellous trip to Wagamama’s in Tunbridge Wells on Tuesday 21 January to learn more about different types of food, health and safety and much more!

We had a lovely welcome from Tom, the Manager, who introduced us to members of his team: Laura, Carolina and Peter the chef, before taking us through Health and Safety matters.  He concluded by explaining that ‘Wagamama’ translates into English as ‘naughty / spoilt child’!

We began by learning about the different types of noodles.  Next, we tasted a range of dishes, including pickled bamboo, ginger, seaweed and steamed dumplings.  As you will see from the photos and video, some of these foods were more popular than others!

See photos from Year 2’s trip to Wagamamas here.

We looked at the adult and children’s menus and talked about different combinations of food.  Tom explained that the staff had lists of all the ingredients to help people with allergies choose their meal.  Laura also showed the children some Braille menus.  The children were then allowed to use the Ipac handsets to take food orders from each other. 

The children were next given the opportunity to choose between apple or carrot juice and they used their mathematical knowledge to work out how many apples were needed to make drinks for everyone.  They enjoyed watching the juices being made and then tasting them.  They were delicious! 

Next, each child was helped to weigh out ingredients on electronic scales.  These were then cooked for the children to eat for lunch.

Peter the chef, having spoken about steaming the food and explaining about the heat used to cook food, put on a wonderful display of flames by heating up some oil in the big wok.  It was breathtaking! 

Finally, as if we hadn’t been spoilt enough, Tom presented each child with a certificate and a Wagamama’s Goodie bag.

It was a wonderful learning experience for the children!  They extended their existing knowledge and learnt new things in a fun and interactive way.  Tom and his team were very accommodating and provided an interesting and varied set of hands-on activities. In fact they gave us the royal treatment!

Watch a short video from Year 2's visit to Wagamama's, below:

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