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Year 7 Raise the Titanic

Posted: 11th March 2020 | Category: Year 7

Year 7 Raise the Titanic

On Tuesday 9th March, Year 7 flew from Gatwick to Belfast to visit the Titanic Museum.  

It took us 30 minutes to get through security because of Alfie J’s glue stick and as everyone said a good farewell to their scissors as they threw them into a bin, we finally got onto the plane.  

After a short bus ride, we were amazed when we saw the Titanic Museum. It was huge with white, abstract steel edges peaking off of the massive building. The top of these amazing, sharp edges were as big as the Titanic’s actual front. 

The museum was, of course, massive with 4 floors. We were given a briefing of our day and went straight up to the main exhibition. The first room was really cool! It talked about how Belfast’s population increased by so much around the 1910s. It was also very interactive and fun to listen to.  

The next room was about the launching of the Titanic and its sister ships, the RMS Olympic and the RMS Britannic. We found out how the ships were built and what the people had to go through. We got in an elevator which went 4 stories high and looked down to the ground but it was only a quarter of the height the men had to climb when building the actual ship. It would have been insane! Some men would not have used the elevators but would only use ladders. They worked 62 hours a week. From the gallery, we saw the site where the Titanic and the Olympic were launched.  

Following this, we saw replicas of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class cabins and many items rescued from the Titanic.  

We all enjoyed a great workshop in the afternoon where we found out about rescue at sea and the instructor said we were one of the best schools he had ever had as we had answered many questions other people had not been able to answer.

Everybody had a great day and learned so much about the Titanic.   

Written by Alfie S (Y7)

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