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The importance of learning hockey skills

Posted: 2nd February 2017 | Category: Sports

In keeping with the school’s philosophy of competitive sport for all, we regularly field as many as teams and matches as possible as well as during tournament season, ensuring everyone can be involved in a team, while playing at the right level for them.

We have been looking at a range of hockey based skills within the girls and boys sessions; outwitting an opponent, drawing in your defender, using width and making and receiving passes on the move. These drills are when you practice certain techniques, as described above, so that you are well equipped to use them within a game. For example, drills can include practising hitting, dribbling, flicking or pushing the ball, practising penalty shots and shooting at the goal. Such practices are also essential for goalkeepers.

We tend to practice these drills between just two players or amongst the whole team, so the amount of people available will not limit your practice. Even if you have mastered how to perform a certain technique, drilling should still be performed to increase your accuracy and speed when performing the move.

The boys and girls have made extremely great progress with applying skills they have been learning within these games sessions to matches throughout the season.

Wishing them all the best of luck for the rest of the season.

Anna Morgan

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