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Success for Livingstone in House Drama Competition

Posted: 4th April 2014 | Category: Drama, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

On Monday afternoon, we were treated to the House Drama Competition. Each House had to use all members from Year 4 - Year 8 and perform two items.

The first was a mime on the theme of a proverb. Livingstone House opened with a mime entitled “Bad Education”, with the theme of ”A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”.

Taking us back to the era of the cane, Ben seemed to relish canning all his pupils and was only stopped when one of his young pupils, Anoushka, told her parents and consequently got him the sack before he could do any more damage.

Drake House came second, with a mime entitled “Back to the Street”, on the theme of “A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted.” Taking after EastEnders, we had our drunks (played very well by Archie), broken marriages and more, with our heroes left begging for money.

Churchill House came next with “Too Many Men to Remember One” using the theme “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth.” After Matthew had been knocked down by a car, too many people tried to get in on the act, to the detriment of the casualty who ended up dead.

Following this we had three improvisations - each team was given a location and the last line.

Drake performed first with “Trouble in the Museum”, a lively improvisation about a group of children in a museum, where two children crept off and vandalised the statues - one statue superbly played by Toby. They finished with the line “Please don’t do that again!”

Churchill’s performance was entitled “Infinity and Beyond”, set in a space station. This space adventure was enhanced by Callum’s characterisation of an alien stuck to the windscreen of the space craft, who was only dislodged by the windscreen wipers. The death of the pilot brought forth the last line: “Ouch! That hurt!”

In Livingstone’s “The Dodgiest Beach”, we saw spoilt children and fed up parents, all watched by Verity and Francesca .When all of a sudden a man-eating shark, played very ably by Kieran, emerged from the blue sea. He was just about to attack a surfer when Francesca and Verity switched off the television and the cast all collapsed with Verity uttering the words: “I really don’t care.”

It was a most enjoyable afternoon and credit goes to all the teams for their hard work, to produce six very entertaining pieces. The marking was very close, with Livingstone House emerging the eventual winners.

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