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Sports Day 2013

Posted: 1st July 2013 | Category: Sports

This annual event means something different to everyone. Athletics may not be every child's favourite activity, but it is one of the occasions in the school year when children, their families and staff get together for the day. Although there is competition, individual and team, there is a strong social element as well, and it is always good to see everyone circulating and socialising.

To put together an overview from a staff point of view is not possible. Each person has their designated job and therefore sees the day from that point of view. Mr Ritchie spends his time loading a starting pistol and seeing backs disappear away from him. The timers and place judges on the other hand have to concentrate on arriving torsos. Some have to regulate the car parking, then there is First Aid, equipment, announcing and the all important catering. FOSHA too has hard working souls, some of whom will have struggled to see their children compete. Where would we be without the help of some of the children – acting as runners, managing the scoreboard to name but two tasks.

Apart from the practicalities, the one element that no-one can organise is the weather. It is always a relief to see a dry day dawning and to know that all the man-hours of preparation will come to fruition. I love the competition but it is as satisfying to see someone crack that illusive 20 second 100 metre barrier they have struggled with for three years as it is to see a new record broken.

This day is always a vast machine with many component parts and each one is vital  to its smooth running. This year was no exception. The bulk of the preparation is done by Ian Ritchie and special thanks must go to him, but if you were part of it either as a participant or helper, then well done and thank you! Your part was important, however large or small.

Daphne Barkworth

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