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Skippers Hill’s Poetry Competition 2013

Posted: 23rd October 2013 | Category: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

This was our first attempt for many years at a Poetry Competition and we were all delighted with the way it went.

Open to Years 3-8, the competition involved choral speaking and readings of the children’s own poetry. Each form performed a version of a classic poem prepared with the help of their English teachers: contributions included Lord Macaulay’s “Horatius”; Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussy-Cat”; Walter de la Mare’s “The Listeners” and a very difficult choice in “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas.

Year 7 gave a spirited rendition of “Tarantella”, by Hilaire Belloc, but were just beaten to 1st place by Year 4’s wonderfully atmospheric performance of Tolkein’s “The Mewlips”. Watch their fabulous performance below.


The children were all given the theme of “The Elements” for their individual poems and had approximately two weeks to prepare. Two poems were chosen from each year group and these children read their poems out on the day. There was a lovely selection of free verse, rhyming couplets, prose poetry, and haiku for the judges to enjoy and deliberate upon. We also had some gorgeous images painted for us and everyone had their favourites on the day.

Sadly, being a competition, not everyone can win, but everyone entered into the spirit of the day and we look forward to holding the competition again next year.

The individual finalists, the winning entry and the two runners-up were as follows:

Felina Gorringe; Daisy Gibb; Matthew Bennett; Guthrie Fullagar; Eleanor Price; Alice Cox; Emily Nye; Max Lepere-Hunter; Jessica Withnall; Tom Dawe.

Well done, everyone!

A big 'Thank you' to our judging panel: Mary Pearson, David Pollard, Tim Lewis and our special guest and former pupil, Bella Orman.

Read the winning entries below:


First Place  - Lucy Ball Yr 5

The Wind

When I’m snuggled up in my bed

I curl up cosy and small.

The wind is howling loudly

and shadows dance across my wall.


One is a ballet dancer

prancing proudly by.

Another a flickering candle

catching both my eyes.


The wind creates a puppet show

dancing with all its might.

Its characters entertain me

all through the stormy night.


The wind is like a bully

throwing things around.

It pushes open gates

and makes a dreadful sound.


The wind is like a bullet

speeding through the dark.

Pushing swings and see-saws

like a ghost in the park.


The wind is very lonely

it does not have a friend.

But when the sun comes out

I know that it will end.


Joint Second Place – Fraser McConachie Yr6

I am Fire

I am Fire.

I am many things.

Some say destruction is all that I bring,

Others I am harmless, and stray far too close,

But an intelligent being could see that I am both.

And more! For I have played my part in many different roles

And for countless years my story will be told.


I am a Warrior, as I hack through the foe,

Relentless, unstoppable, a thing to behold.


I am also a Leader, for I have guided the human race and made them great,

Though I require a few bodies, to satisfy my refined palate.


I am also a Blacksmith, as I bond together people

Over a cooked piece of meat, and a delicious treacle.


So, please, look on me as a deadly sort of friend

For I will always stand by you right until the end.


I am Fire.

I am many things.


Joint Second Place – Lizzie Webb. Yr 8

The Elements

The flames snapped and crackled, dancing like dragons. Amber and gold. The wood that was their lair dark as the night sky.

Wind cantered down, diving daringly to the cold mouldy sludge. Whispering, rustling, the trees swayed with the cold dismal earth.

Pink and purple light submerged itself into the opaque sky washing away the pearls and diamonds that littered it.

Snow, snow. So elegant and truly beautiful. It froze the very tips of the grass and the trunks of the trees. It came near the fire like a ballet dancer’s finger touching a carving knife.

The elements had taken over the fire. The summer sun. The bluebird’s song. Winter was here.

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