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Skippers Poetry Competition

Posted: 11th February 2015

Open to Years 3-8, this competition involved Choral Speaking and readings of the children’s own poetry.

We were joined by our two judges for the afternoon:  Charles Davies (Head of English at Eastbourne College) and Daphne Barkworth – whom the children were all delighted to welcome back.

Each Form performed a version of a humorous poem prepared with the help of their English teachers: contributions included: “Daddy Fell into the Pond” by Alfred Noyes; “The Four Friends” by A.A. Milne, and “Silly Old Baboon” by Spike Milligan.

The judges awarded 3rd place to Year 4’s ‘sinister’ version of the Michael Rosen poem, ‘Mafia Cats’. A vast amount of poetry was learnt by Year 3 and they were rewarded with 2nd place for Roald Dahl’s retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The winning entry was a very funny and extremely well performed Kit Wright poem called ‘Greedyguts’ and Year 7 picked up the honours.

The overwhelming feeling was that all the children really enjoyed performing – and the audience loved watching them.

The children were all given the theme of “Family” for their individual poems and had about 2 weeks to prepare. Three poems were chosen from each Year group and these children read their poems out on the day. There was a lovely selection of different styles and ideas for the judges to enjoy and deliberate upon. We had some gorgeous images ‘painted’ for us and everyone had their favourites on the day.

Sadly, being a competition, not everyone can win, but everyone entered into the spirit of the day and we look forward to holding the competition again next year.

There follows a list of the individual finalists and the winning entry along with the three runners-up.

First Place: Sarah Shepherd Yr8

Second Place: Ruby Hall Yr5

Joint Third: Anoushka Beardshaw Yr5 and Alfie Ball Yr3.

A  Family is Like a Garden.

                 by Sarah Shepherd, Yr8

A family should be like a garden,

with endless roots and trees,

that occasional blooming flower,

set there only to please.

A family should be like a hug,

pleasant, warm, surprising,

there to comfort,

there to shrug,

the worries off your shoulders.

A family is just one name,

only one word to help you lay claim

to all those things that leave an imprint

on your life.

Friends are family,

and family is yours to keep

forever through the dark times,

that you should never face alone.

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