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Reflective Video Coaching: An update from Mr Minister

Posted: 22nd November 2017

Reflective Video Coaching: An update from Mr Minister

Some of our pupils have been intrigued by the sight of a little robot-like machine sat in the corner of the classroom over the past few weeks, although hopefully it has not caused too much of a distraction. For those parents who attended the Prize giving Day at the end of last year, you may remember Mr Hammond made reference to the Video Coaching that we have begun to implement throughout the Bellevue Schools. This has been a great process to be involved with and whilst on the journey of discovery, I have made some interesting findings so far:

For those of you that know me, you will be aware that I am not the most shy individual you will meet, but I was however slightly nervous of filming myself teaching, watching and scrutinising my teaching style, identifying the opportunities for learning that were created and possibly most nervously of all, identifying any points at which I may have missed an opportunity to help someone learn.

The process of Video Coaching began during our September inset when I presented a short clip of a lesson I had taught and shared some of my observations with the staff. We have now moved forward with the project and I am working with three members of staff to get them used to the process and observe themselves, whilst also continuing to develop my own coaching skills through training with other schools in the Bellevue Education group.

The whole purpose of this process is not to critique the staff and tell them what is going wrong in a lesson, but it is instead to look at how the learning is being accessed by the children in the class; to identify opportunities to further their learning and ultimately to improve access to learning for all pupils. We know that as we move along on this reflective journey, the staff will identify even more opportunities to extend pupils’ learning and that the children will become more aware of how they themselves learn and work independently.

Over this half term we will be looking at how we can encourage coaching conversations between staff, how to identify positives and how to address areas for improvement independently. This is a whole school initiative and after Christmas we will be introducing additional members of staff to this process. As with everything else, it takes time to perfect, and what works for one teacher will not always work for another, exactly the same as with the children!

To conclude, I will leave you with the message I shared with staff on our inset, which hopefully summarises the benefits of introducing video coaching at Skippers:

This is a method of sharing ideas which is focussed upon providing as many different opportunities as possible for developing the children’s learning. We want the children to talk about their learning and to help them to become reflective learners and we can do this by being reflective learners ourselves.

Mr Minister

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