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Reception Learn About Animal’s ‘Senses’ at Raystede

Posted: 6th July 2012 | Category: EYFS

Reception Learn About Animal’s ‘Senses’ at Raystede

The Reception children were excited to meet some animals and learn about how they use their senses during their visit to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.   The weather was chilly and rain was in the air but that didn’t dampen their spirits!

Lucy, who works at Raystede, took the group into the Yurt and talked to the children about their senses.  Everyone made a ‘potion’ using herbs growing in the senses garden and then ran through the willow tunnel to make their potions magical!  They used  their eyes to pick herbs of different colours and then used their noses to smell the potions.  Lucy then asked the children to stand very still and close their eyes while they counted all the different sounds they could hear.  There were birds in the trees and goats bleating in the field nearby.

The children were now ready to meet some of the animals.  They were taken into the Small Animal House where they saw hamsters, mice, chinchillas and rats.  The children learned about the ways that these animals use their senses and then watched the animals watching them! 

In small groups, the children went into the staff-only area to see some cats, which had come from difficult homes and were being rehabilitated and rehoused.  They took it in turns to meet some kittens who had recently been born at Raystede.  They were very playful and very fluffy!

After a picnic lunch, the group walked past the parrots and one said “Hello!” which made everyone laugh.  Then Lucy took the children into a special room which was used for rehabilitating dogs to prepare them for re-homing.  It looked just like a living room.  The children waited very quietly while Lucy went out and when she came back she had two gorgeous black puppies!  They were very eager to meet everyone and  sniffed them and climbing onto their laps.  The children stroked the puppies carefully, helped them play with some puppy toys, and fed them some puppy treats before saying goodbye to the puppies and to Raystede. 

They had a super day out and Reception all agreed, “It was the best day ever!”

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