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Reception discuss worm holes and black holes

Posted: 24th January 2018 | Category: Reception

Reception discuss worm holes and black holes

When children join us at the beginning of Reception, we begin to gradually introduce a more structured day. Now, in the second term of the academic year, we are well on our way to being fully integrated into the routines of the main school. The children come into the classroom confidently, register themselves on the interactive whiteboard, put on their smart blazers for assembly, and look at the illustrated timetable to see what we will be doing that day. However, as the children hurtle towards the next phase of childhood we still get glimpses of the world through their eyes, which often lead to difficult questions, and opportunities for learning which were not on my carefully structured timetable.

A couple of recent examples:

"Mrs. Pinny, can we look for worm holes?"

"Yes, when we go to the mud kitchen we'll have a look. We should take magnifying glasses."

*Horrified look* "No! We don't want to make them bigger, they suck us in - worm holes and black holes, they suck us in!"

My cue to frantically google 'how to explain black holes to children'. Thank you NASA.

Then came this one:

"That man in assembly was worried."

"Which man; Mr Hammond?"

"No, the one in the film. He had a dream. I bet it was scary, all the people were crying." Murmurs of agreement from the rest of the class.

It was Martin Luther King. We spent the next lesson discussing the civil rights movement.

What will tomorrow bring? Literacy, numeracy, music, and String Theory, possibly. Wonderful!

Loraine Pincott

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