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On Your Marks, Get set, Bake!

Posted: 8th July 2020 | Category: Year 8

On Your Marks, Get set, Bake!

As part of their Post Common Entrance Programme, Year 8 were invited to take part in the "Great Y8 Skippers' Bake Off" Competition.   

They were allowed to bake one large item or several smaller ones and it was their choice as to whether their offering was sweet or savoury.  All the students had prior warning regarding the activity so that they could decide on their creation and ensure that all the ingredients required would be available at home.
Apparently there was huge excitement amongst Year 8 before the event, but eventually the day arrived! 

We all joined together at the start of the session via Google Meet, and then I delivered the famous "On your marks, get set, bake!"  I even had the delight of watching one cake evolve throughout the session as the student left their camera on for the duration of the competition.  As with the real Bake Off Year 8 had reminders for how much time had elapsed and how much remained, until finally "ok bakers time's up!" had to be uttered.
Year 8 then returned to the Meet with their masterpieces ready for judging by a Mystery Guest, who asked each student to describe what they had produced.  She was so impressed with the number and calibre of the entries, that she felt her initial judging strategy needed some modification! 

The Mystery Guest decided that a greater number of categories was needed, and plumped for Overall Winner, Best Small Bake, Best Big Bake, Best Savoury Item and Best Decorated Bake.  She had a very tough job judging, and after much deliberation delivered the results to the assembled crowd. 

Well done to all who participated. 

It was such a treat to see all the amazing entries and a fantastic way to end my final afternoon activity with Year 8. 

Katharine Randolph

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