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Pupils Learn about Life in Kenya via Pen pals

Posted: 5th February 2020 | Category: Year 4, Years 5 to 8

Pupils Learn about Life in Kenya via Pen pals

As part of our recent wellbeing week, the pupils in Years 4 – 7 were invited to take part in an activity relating to community and communication with others.  

As many are aware, Jackie Parker is a Secretary on the committee for a charity, Harambee For Kenya. The charity works with and supports street boys in Kenya and have built 2 safehouses in which currently 70 boys have been rescued from living lives on the street. They are given a safe place to live, food, clothes and support to go to school to obtain a good education.  

Knowing how excited the Kenyan boys would be and with close connections to the schools they attend in Kenya, Jackie suggested Skippers pupils write a pen pal letter telling them about themselves, their families, school, hobbies etc. She would then arrange for them to be distributed to the boys in Kenya and ask that they reply to our pupils.  

Jackie shared a video with the pupils showing them what the charity does, and they all seemed very keen to send messages and were even more excited at the prospect of receiving replies. The letters enabled the children to ask questions of the Kenyans about themselves, their lives in Kenya and what their schools were like as well as finding out about their hobbies and aspirations for the future.   

Year 6 pupils took the challenge even further. They had noticed on the videos that the rooms in the houses and the school rooms were quite plain and so offered to complete some artwork for homework which will be taken out to Kenya for the boys to put up in their accommodation.   

For more information about the charity please feel free to visit the website or talk to Jackie.  

View Year 6 artwork here

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