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Pupils have a Mathemagical Day

Posted: 7th December 2016 | Category: Years 3 & 4, Years 5 to 8

“I believe that Maths is a wonderfully rich subject, and wanted to share that enthusiasm with all pupils”, said Mrs Box.

Amongst other things, children had to make magic squares, solve Sudoku puzzles, and complete investigations relating to chessboards.

“Response to the day has been fantastic,” said Mrs Box.
Here are a few words from some of our Maths Mentors.

"On Friday 25th November 2016 Skippers Hill had Maths day! I think it was really enjoyable and thought the best bit was the quiz with the excitement of running up to Mrs Box and hoping that your answer was right. I think that everyone enjoyed it and it was a big success!
Firstly we (year 6) had a difficult worksheet where we had to try find the number of squares on a chessboard (it isn’t 64). Then, when we had finished that we went onto a challenge on a chessboard where we had to play as the knight and we had to travel across every square. I found this the most difficult thing of the day and couldn’t solve it.
After break, we went into house-teams and did the maths quiz and I found this really enjoyable! There were questions set for certain ages so nobody was left out and everyone tried their best.
For dessert, at lunch there were biscuits shaped in numbers.
After lunch, we carried on with the quiz and then, when we had finished it, we made maths posters with lots of different maths things on them and then we had games to finish the day."

Reilly Biglands Year 6
"Last week, we had a maths day where everyone had to wear something maths related . When it was lunch we even had something maths related to eat.
Later that day we all took part in a maths competition, where some questions were only for some years.
Altogether it was amazingly fun."

Matilda Chapman Year 5
"Maths day was enjoyable with lots of fun games and puzzles. I think everybody enjoyed it and it should be continued in the future. Sudoku and Suko were fun but the quiz where we had to answer questions in our teams was my favourite part.
We’ve had lots of events at Skippers such as Roman day, book day and French day but Maths has been one of the best."

Alfie Ball Year 5

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