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Performing Arts Evening

Posted: 10th March 2015 | Category: Drama

Performing Arts Evening – 3rd March 2015

Our evening got off to a flying start – literally – with Sarah Shepherd making a  running tackle that would be the envy of all Rugby players.  What an opener for a Performing Arts evening - we don’t like to disappoint!  The evening was an opportunity for us to appreciate the talent of our young people.  Despite instances of ‘back stage’ nerves, all of them rose to the occasion and delighted us with their performances.  From our solo instrumentalists to the small ensembles, each and every one of them was a credit to themselves, their teachers and parents who have, undoubtedly, badgered and cajoled them into practising.

The drama students also entertained us with a diverse range of verse speaking, soliloquies and choral speaking.  I cannot possibly mention all the performers but I hope you will forgive me for naming a few.  Jerome for his piano playing, saxophone solo and his hilarious acting of Androclese and the Lion: the combined talent of the school orchestra: our Year 8 girls Tally, Sarah, V-J and Francesca who organised themselves into a number of ensembles and the Year 7 choral speakers who won the recent Poetry competition.

I should like to thank all our Peripatetic teachers for their dedication and hard work and Elliott Glynn who took an active role in preparing the programme for the evening.  I hope you will join us again for our Performing Arts evening next term.

Carolyn Holleyman

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