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Mrs C Praises Netballers

Posted: 31st March 2020 | Category: Sports

Mrs C Praises Netballers

The saddest aspect of not being able to finish the netball season off for me is not being able to
verbally round it off in the final assembly to be able to congratulate the girls. They need to know
that their enthusiasm and hard work has more than paid off in both individual improvement and lots
of team success!

The netball season started back in November and looking back to those early
sessions, it is clear much has been achieved. The secret to great netball is ‘timing’. Without good
timing the moves we use to get free can be wasted and so that has been the focal starting point from
which all the other skills are developed such as strong passing, driving forward for the ball,
dodging, changing direction, centre pass tactics, split landings, shooting techniques, holding space,
changing pace, court spacing, defending, the list goes on…!

From Yr 3 to Yr 8 we have had some superb results and the A teams have suffered very few losses
in fact with nearly every year winning more than 80% of their matches. The U13A won all but two
of their fixtures and as for many of them this is the last of their netball at Skippers I want to
highlight the fact that their dedication and teamwork was truly excellent and they closed the season
displaying excellent use of court space and very effective patterns of play down court. A true
demonstration of what you put in you get out and very rewarding to teach!

Keep up the exercise and any catching and throwing games you can! A lot of you will remember
my ‘levels’ catching game I played with you for fun last summer and I recommend you give it a go
in this sunshine! It requires a small ball, a good feeder and a catcher! The feeder needs to know that
level 10 must be almost impossible! Level one is ten easy catches close up involving a bit of
moving and stretching to catch the ball. If you drop it you can’t progress to level 2 and have to start
from one again. By level 7 you should be diving for the ball, catching high balls, spinning balls
etc… Use your imagination, have fun and catch that ball!

Mrs C

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