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Mr Minister is Inherently Optimistic

Posted: 31st March 2020 | Category: Years 5 to 8

Mr Minister is Inherently Optimistic

What an experience this has been so far. I am inherently optimistic and therefore will always try to look for the positives to be gained from a situation, even one such as this. The realist in me knows the possible negative consequences, however I cannot help but think about the steps that everyone is taking and how we can use them to enhance different aspects of our lives and definitely our education. 

In the space of seven days, the whole education community has developed a new style of teaching, something which hasn’t been done in a very long time. No longer are there rows of children listening to a lecture - the echoes of Victorian teaching are well behind us now. Both children and staff are scattered across counties; I imagine I have probably been teaching someone 40 miles away from me today. What I have been most impressed with is the ease with which the children have embraced the technological changes and structure. Please note the use of the word impressed and not ‘surprised’, the skills of the children we work with on a daily basis constantly surpass my expectations and I have learnt never to underestimate them! 

At Skippers, we have been on a journey to embrace the 21st Century and the creation of the GSE curriculum set the wheels in motion. With the current situation of enforced independent learning, it is clear to see the benefits of our curriculum, and the skills that the Year 7 children have developed have been of huge importance as they learn from home. If anyone enjoys a light read, the following link is an example of how we can support our children to explore and expand their technological horizons: The Hole in the Wall Project and the Power of Self-Organized Learning

Our Skippers’ community is a strong one. As a school we want to be exceptionally supportive of our families whilst allowing the children to develop resilience and independence. We constantly strive to better ourselves and find new opportunities to progress, and, whilst there will undoubtedly be all manner of challenges, I hope that these new methods of working highlight opportunities that can be used to positively develop the education of our seemingly unfazed and adaptable children.

We will all learn invaluable lessons as we move forward to the next chapter, whenever it may begin. 

Matthew Minister

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