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Mr G Puts the Pupils Through their Paces Online!

Posted: 12th May 2020 | Category: Sports

Mr G Puts the Pupils Through their Paces Online!

As the lockdown has taken cricket, athletics and swimming from us all, a small but significant price to pay for everyone's safety, we have tried to fill the sporting void with indoor/ garden activities that everyone can access. Our online lessons continue to evolve and develop, which we hope are engaging your children on a regular basis. Maybe you have decided to give one of the videos a go too? 
Mr Barden and I are leading live fitness videos once a week for most years groups and, with Libby's help, we are also recording and posting daily videos that each key stage can access.

These videos include short and hilarious TikTok dance videos, skill challenges and even yoga - a type of fitness that I (used to) find yukky. The warrior pose is now one of my favourites and I am starting to appreciate why people enjoy it so much.

The live interaction with students has helped us to get live feedback from students and tailor it further to suit their needs - nothing gets me working harder than when someone says they found an exercise easy! 

I look forward to seeing what next term has to offer. Although we will have to make some changes I am confident we will keep fixtures running as close to normal as possible. Mrs Convert and I have been busy organising weekly matches for the Autumn term, which include a few Saturday tournaments, and we are hoping that these will all be able to take place.

Stay safe, keep exercising and enjoy the sun!

Many thanks,

Alex Gurran

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