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Maths Newsletter coming to Skippers

Posted: 21st January 2015

The last few weeks have sped past and I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome and patience as I slowly put names to faces and find my way around.

The students in Year 8 have started the term by assisting me to update a display. They have been busy plotting linear graphs by substituting values for x into a rule of the form y = mx+c and various discussions have ensued featuring keywords such as gradient, intercept parallel and perpendicular.

The regions between the straight lines have been coloured by the students to give the effect of a stained glass window and I am extremely pleased with the result.

Coming soon: A maths newsletter with the aim of raising the profile of maths and although this edition has been created by myself it is my hope that the students will contribute the majority of the content for future editions. I have already spoken to a few key Year 8 students to trial some Maths Apps and write some reviews. Other items for inclusion could be profiles of mathematicians, book reviews, puzzles and dare I say mathematical jokes. I look forward with interest to receiving contributions.

Link to the first Maths newsletter


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