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Kindergarten Experiment with Melting and Freezing

Posted: 15th February 2013 | Category: EYFS, Kindergarten

In the Kindergarten we have been learning all about Winter. We have had so much fun as it has been snowing and also we have been able to see icicles first hand.

As part of our topic work we have been exploring what happens to water when it gets very cold. We asked Anne from the kitchen if we could come and have a look at the freezer. Wow, it was so big that Kindergarten almost fell into it!

We decided to make some water homes for our arctic animals and put them in the bottom of the freezer. We all had a guess at what could happen next.

“They will turn into igloos”, said Aggie.

“Mine will be full of snow”, said Daniel.

We went back a week later and guess what? The homes had become totally frozen and our little arctic animals were frozen inside the home.  Totally amazing!

As soon as we took them out of the freezer they started to crack.  Haydon noticed that there was a mist coming from his arctic home - “Look at the frozen mist, Mrs. Mills.”

Once in the warm and snug environment of Kindergarten the homes very slowly returned to the state that they had been in previously.

“That is like magic”, said Bella, and she is absolutely right!

Mrs. Mills

See photos from Kindergarten’s experiment here.

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