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Juniors’ Wimbledon-Themed Sports Day

Posted: 1st July 2013 | Category: Sports, Years 1 & 2

The Juniors were very excited to take part in their Wimbledon Sports Day on Saturday 15th June.

The children were divided into three teams:

They did three races: racket race, ‘ball boy/girl’ race, ‘match time’.

For racket race, the children were  required to balance a ball on a racket and complete the relay.  First they had to run up to a hoop and collect the ball and racket.  Then they balanced the ball on the racket while making their way towards a stick with the face of their player on it.  Next, they turned and balanced their racket and ball back to the hoop, put the racket and ball down and raced back to their teams for the next child’s turn.

In the 'ball girl/boy' race, each team went in turn, collecting one ball and racing them back to their base before collecting another ball.  The aim was to collect as many balls as they could in one minute.

For the final game, 'Match time', the children had to run up to the hoop put on a sweatband and wristband, run under the tennis net, pick up a ball and racket, run around their tennis player picture and drop the ball and racket, run back under the net, take off bands and tag next person.

The Kindergarten children did their races next, including some wonderful efforts in the tennis ball and spoon race.

For the final event, it was the parents’ turn to race.  They rose to the challenge for the Match Time race, where they had to put on the sweatbands and run under the net

See photos from Juniors’ Wimbledon-themed sports day here.

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