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Introducing New Kindergarten Leader, Loraine Pincott

Posted: 14th June 2013 | Category: EYFS, Kindergarten

We are delighted to announce that Loraine Pincott, will be joining Skippers Hill in September as the new Kindergarten Leader.  Loraine will be taking over from Molly Mills, who is leaving us to have a baby, and has kindly taken the time to introduce herself:

The first time I visited Skippers, to collect a friend's child who is a pupil, I noticed three things:

The Kindergarten was bright and welcoming, with beautiful resources and an engaging dedicated outdoor space.  That's when I decided that I would like to work there! Since then I have attended Christmas and Summer Fairs, concerts and plays, and enjoyed them all. When I saw a vacancy advertised, I prepared an application, delivered it by hand and crossed my fingers!

I have been an Early Years teacher for 22 years, and I still find myself amazed and delighted by the children; their total engagement in life, their joy and wonder in everything.

I have recently updated my teaching qualifications and really enjoyed being a part-time mature student. My background is in Montessori teaching, many key principles of which have now been assimilated into the EYFS.

I have taught children in both Kindergarten and Reception, and loved both. I am incurably curious about the development of young children and enjoy reading new research. I have particular interests in outdoor learning and literacy development.

My vision for the Kindergarten is firstly, to continue the wonderful work begun by Molly Mills, who has set the benchmark very high! I hope to provide a warm, nurturing and exciting environment for the children in our care, to make the most of our beautiful grounds, and to plan and prepare for the additional young members of the Skippers community who will be joining us. I would like to ensure that each child's natural desire to learn is cherished. I hope to play a part in the plans to enlarge and develop the Early Years provision at Skippers.  I can't wait to begin!

I always knew I would be a teacher. I was lucky enough to attend a small village school and enjoyed every minute.  I could not imagine working anywhere other than in a school. I enjoy the company of young children, and like all teachers, I love the 'wow' moments!
I enjoy getting to know each child so well that we know just what to provide in order to allow that child to progress.

Teaching today is an exciting business; being able to work outdoors, interactive whiteboards, classroom visitors and trips; the opportunities are endless. It's a great job!

The best thing about being a teacher is being able to watch over the emergence of a small person. I am mindful of the trust placed in me by parents, and aware of the vital importance of those early years of childhood.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family: four children, two granddaughters, two Jack Russels!  I love reading, sewing, riding and walking in the Ashdown Forest.

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