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Games and Exploring During Year 2’s Trip to Bateman’s

Posted: 6th July 2012 | Category: Year 2

Exploring childrenYear 2 had a fantastic outing to Bateman’s on Wednesday 13th June and the unexpected sunshine meant that they were able to involve themselves in a full day of activities.

Education Officer, Jan, outlined the day’s plan and then the group headed off into the arboretum for some sensory activities.
The children did some bark rubbings with crayons, which showed the different textures and patterns of the trees.

They walked the “camouflage trail”, which was a kind of treasure hunt in which they had to find everyday objects that had been cunningly camouflaged and hidden among the plants and bushes.

Next, they played the Tree Game on the lawn in front of the house.  Four parent helpers were stationed at different corners of the lawn as “oak”, “pine”, “willow” and “cocoa tree” and  The children were birds and had to travel from tree to tree according to Jan’s instructions. Everybody enjoyed this game and the “trees” were excellent actors!

Next, the children played the Seed Game which involved each child representing a plant and standing with their feet fixed in one position.  Cards with “sun”, “air”, “water”, etc. lay on the ground around them and the children had to pick up the cards without moving their feet.  According to which cards the child was able to reach, the plant they represented either survived or didn’t.

The activity the children had been waiting for all along was the pond dipping.  They formed small groups and dipped in the stream along from the mill.  The children were intrigued to find an insect which hides itself inside a stick so that when it moves it appears as if the stick is moving by itself!

They thoroughly enjoyed their packed lunches in the picnic area and the children were able to play with the bats and balls and other play equipment provided by Bateman’s during their break.

Finally the group moved to the house itself. Jan gave a lovely talk about Rudyard Kipling, his family, his life and work at Bateman’s.  The children toured the house in smaller groups and the children enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions to the volunteers as they looked around.  The children were very inquisitive and there was great commotion when they discovered where the “mouse” was hiding... but they’re not telling, so you will have to go and find it for yourselves!

It was a great outing and the children were a credit to themselves, their parents and Skippers Hill. The outing was made the more enjoyable by the very full participation of all the parent helpers, and Year 2 would like to offer them their sincere thanks.

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