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Christmas With the Early Years

Posted: 11th December 2019 | Category: EYFS

Christmas With the Early Years

"Nothing that happens in a classroom is as interesting for a child as what another child says." Vivian Gussey Paley

A huge thank you to all our families who came to the Early Years Nativity; your warm support for the children was wonderful. We were immensely proud of all of them, from the eldest children who performed with such confidence and enjoyment, to the youngest who tried so very hard to be brave in front of a large audience.

The children are still requesting our Nativity songs in class at singing time, the jingle bells are often to be heard and the angels are still dancing!

We are also very proud of the children's emerging literary skills. The author of the quote above is the creator of the 'Helicopter Stories' scheme used in Kindergarten, in which the children make up their own stories in response to resources provided by the teacher. The skills of story-telling continue to be taught in Reception, where the children learn stories by rote, so they begin to build up a bank of knowledge of the language and structure of stories.

As the Christmas season approaches, the Early Years staff introduce the story of the Nativity, which the children begin to retell in their own words, and in reflection of their own experiences. The children's words are recorded and put together into an original text. The story in the Early Years Nativity contains quotes from almost all of the children in Reception, so they feel a sense of ownership and involvement in their own creation. We believe that  is one of the reasons for their commitment and enthusiasm when performing for their parents and families.

As we enjoy our Christmas lunches, parties and concerts this week the sense of excitement and anticipation is growing! We wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

The Early Years team.

Click here to view photos of the Nativity

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