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Choirs unite and 7000 perform at the O2 Arena

Posted: 28th February 2018 | Category: Drama, Years 5 to 8

Choirs unite and 7000 perform at the O2 Arena

What excitement! The build up to our annual trip to Young Voices at the O2 was palpable. Songs learned, dances attempted and singers assuring me they knew all their words, we left to take the trip to our concert venue. There were cries of "Are we there yet?" even as we approached Tunbridge Wells - parents, you have heard this all before. Even with the O2 Arena directly in front of us, our arrival caught some of the choir by surprise.

With bulging rucksacks - I am reliably told stacked with food - we walked the short distance to the Arena. Having been through security, we took stairs to the top floor where we found a convenient spot to settle to eat. Thank you, parents, for separating lunch and supper into two parcels so that there was something left for later.

The rehearsal was a good three hours in length as we had a such a large amount of music to sing. It is always fantastic how a conductor can bring such unity and order from 7,000+ excited school children. We were moved from our allocated seats to a much nicer spot. It did, however, play havoc with our carefully prepared school letters - Skippers became an anagram!

After a break, flagging energy levels revived and the combined school choirs reassembled to perform to a packed auditorium. 

The band played, the soloists performed, the Beat Boxers amazed and Urban Strides wowed. Mr Tier’s O2 shuffle was amazing! Our children had one of the best evenings of their lives!

Carolyn Holleyman

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