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Can Competition and Camaraderie Co - Exist?

Posted: 7th November 2018 | Category: Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4, Years 5 to 8

Can Competition and Camaraderie Co - Exist?

This question was instrumental in helping us to further strengthen our House system and introduce a wider range of house events throughout this academic year.

We at Skippers consider our house system to be at the heart of the school. It is designed to encourage friendly competition between pupils and to create a supportive environment. At its best, the house system is the greatest vehicle of all outstanding pastoral care.

It is a system which instils a myriad of the most wonderful and desirable attributes into its individuals and their broader communities. There is something quite magical about house events; pupils all come together, united in their desire for their house to be the best, for their house to win the numerous competitions and, of course, the overall house cup at the end of the year.

Pupils from all of our year groups, with all manner of strengths and abilities, come together united in their quest. 

This camaraderie benefits all, the young looking up to the seniors, who look out for and support the little ones. Where pupils have a vested interest in one another, a culture of kindliness becomes the norm. We are creating citizens for the future - tolerant and helpful, modest but ambitious. 

Our three houses can earn points for everything from academics, effort, sport, poetry, music and art to pumpkin decorating!

Last Tuesday demonstrated house competition at its best, where seniors interacted with our juniors to create the most amazing decorated pumpkins, proudly displayed in our gym for Halloween.
Drake was crowned the winners and at this moment in time, is top of the overall leaderboard.
Well done Drake - come on Churchill and Livingstone!
Click here to view photos of inter house pumpkin decorating.


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