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Bushcraft Club - Time to Hibernate

Posted: 16th October 2019 | Category: Woodland Explorers

Bushcraft Club - Time to Hibernate

As the nights draw in and the temperatures begin to fall, it is time for our budding
bushcrafters to have a well-earned rest until Spring.

In the past few weeks we have been busy exploring the woodland surroundings, discovering
bugs and insects and helping to carry out some much-required maintenance on the bug
hotel. We have used blackberries to paint, mud and clay to model as well as cooking
popcorn. All the children have shown great curiosity in learning about their surroundings
and have remained engaged in all the activities offered. 

One of their proudest moments, supported by such resilience and challenge-seeking traits, was their ultimate success in lighting a fire with fire-starters.

Bushcrafters - enjoy the rest and keep warm and dry during the winter and we look forward
to having many new and exciting adventures in the Spring.

Jackie P

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