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Building a Legacy

Posted: 11th February 2021 | Category: Years 5 to 8

Building a Legacy

At Skippers, we hold many traditional values and work hard to ensure that the children develop skills that will stay with them for their future. The Effective Learner Characteristics are skills that are timeless and we encourage the children to be resilient and learn from their experiences in different situations.

The last year has had a huge impact on everyone and in the world of education has been impacted greatly. A recent study into the impact of COVID on education found that "this crisis could, and should, be the springboard to take the use of technology to the next level, as part of what we do all the time". 

The remote learning experience has taught everyone a lot and we need to make sure we move forward and learn from the experiences we have had. 
There is now a possibility to build a legacy from this situation, not just around digital literacy, but taking the positive lessons and finding a way to intertwine them with the excellent provision at Skippers. We must also learn from the things that the children have missed, socially and academically as well as the things that we have not missed, to enhance the offering at Skippers to ensure that it is progressive and provides opportunities for the children to develop further.
This ties in closely to the GSE curriculum and the historical analysis skills the children develop whilst at Skippers. The idea of legacy will be a focus of development for the next half of the Spring Term, thinking about what people have left behind and exploring the developments made from different situations. I am looking forward to finding out what the children feel we should keep from the remote learning experience and which things they will not miss.

If there are any parents who wish to share their thoughts and help build the next stage of the education at Skippers, please do let us know!

Matthew Minister

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