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Being a Skippers pupil is something to be proud of

Posted: 8th May 2018 | Category: Reception, Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4, Years 5 to 8

Being a Skippers pupil is something to be proud of

Throughout this academic year, we have all - staff and pupils - been working hard to help children not only to learn, but to become more aware of how they learn. 

We have brought into the limelight skills which might traditionally have been considered by pupils as side-effects of the main business of 'getting the work done'. Pupils are certainly more reflective, learning from past mistakes and building on successes. Have a look at our Effective Learners tree in the dining room, covered with leaves bearing the names of pupils who have shown themselves to be reflective, resilient, curious, adaptable, self-disciplined, challenge-seeking, engaged and positive!

In Year 7, we are focusing this term on being positive and being resilient: both key qualities as pupils head towards end of year exams and look forward into Year 8. Hilarious team-building activities, focused personal challenges and a thought-provoking new Tutor diary are some of the ways pupils have continued to reflect on and improve their skills: by identifying lots of positives, either themselves or prompted by generous friends and pupils, are evidence of how much they are capable of! 

Of course, being at Skippers is about much more than academic success alone and as we focus on these qualities in the classroom, pupils will see the benefit on the sports field, Performing Arts and beyond: being a Skippers pupil really is something to be proud of!



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