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Bede’s Galactic Challenge

Posted: 19th January 2017 | Category: Year 7

Four mathematicians from Year 7 write about their visit to Bede's

On arrival we were issued with T-shirts and fed a bacon or sausage bap to set us up for the day’s adventure!
Everyone was sorted into one of were 3 teams: Astrodyne Merkon which we were in, Columbus Aviation and Infinity Aerospace. Also in our team were pupils from Rose Hill and Brambletye.

The teams were transported 70 years into the future (2087)  and tasked with creating a mine on Mercury. This mine was to source the fictional metal Reardonium.
We had a short briefing on the challenge and elected a team president, Arthur Butt from Brambletye, he was a great leader and had a previous year’s Galactic challenge experience.

The teams were then split into a sub-teams Structure, Human, Business and Automation. Structure made the base, Human put in items to support human life and address social and wellbeing needs. Business exported the metal and Automation made robots.
Matt and Gaffer were in structure and Ruby and Lizzie were in business. Matt came up with geothermal energy and was the 1st to mention a fusion reactor, Gaffer thought of splitting water to make oxygen  Ruby and Lizzie also contributed some brilliant ideas and designed many of the vital component items included in the final presentation.

We designed 2 sources of power in case one broke down and the judges liked this idea and they also liked the idea of having a mothership orbiting, delivering food and exporting the reardonium.
Briefly back in the real world, lunch was a choice of lasagne or pesto pasta and fruit, jelly or trifle it was great.

After lunch we had a practise run through of our presentation. Arthur, Gaffer, Lizzie and all the sub-teams presidents then presented our final idea to the judges.
We didn’t win but we did gain a great deal from the experience, had fun and met new people.

Mrs Box was very proud of us all.

Matthew Bennett, Guthrie Fullagar, Ruby Hall and  Lizzie Sturgess

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