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Alumni: Tom Stillwell tells us about life at Brighton College

Posted: 22nd November 2013

Skippers Hill is always keen to hear from its former pupils about how they are getting on, so we were delighted to receive an email from Tom Stillwell, who left Skippers in the Summer, about how he is settling into life at Brighton College:


Dear Sir,

I am really just emailing to let you know how i am getting on at Brighton College as I'm sure you and the rest of the staff would very much like to know how I am getting on there.

Because of my ‘Exhibition’ I was placed into one of the higher classes for  general academic studies (basically all subjects apart from maths) and have settled down well into this class. Although settling in was very hard at first as about half the people all seemed to know each other already,  I quickly found my way and have made some good friends in and outside the house.

I am still enjoying my academic studies very much and now I am in one of the highest classes. They can push us more and more which has made a great challenge for me.

Sport wise I have been placed into the 'E' team (So has Jacob W) for rugby but this has now made me develop an interest in the sport as it means that I can play at my level and don’t have to play against huge hefalumps that will squish me to a pulp as soon as they see me (this is also great as we only have 1 match the entire term: meaning I can have an actual lie in on a weekend!!)

Although I have enjoyed my time there very much it is very tiring to be there as the early start (wake at: 6 and get on the bus at: 7) and the late time getting back (normally get home around: 6:30) has lead to me being very tired!!

This week we are taking our first set of internal exams; the ones we had today went very well and I felt that I did well in them (I took Spanish, English, Latin and Chemistry). I also achieved very highly in my latest set of interims (below) and received a personal letter from the headmaster congratulating me on my efforts and achievement!!

I feel that Skippers has given me a very strong footing going into the College. It has taught me very good manners and a great work ethic that will see me all the way through my life.

Also (I don’t know if you’re interested or not) but here are my GCSE choices as of current: Maths, Further Maths, English, Triple Science, History, IT, DT, Latin

Below I would just like to say thanks to all of the individual staff at Skippers and if you could pass on my message to them I would be more than grateful!!

Mr Pollard - Thank you very much for all of your great efforts in helping towards my Scholarship and generally making the whole school experience incredibly fun: I’ll always remember the meerkats! You will also be glad to know I plan on taking maths and further maths for GCSE.

Mrs Stewart - Although I have hated the languages over the years I have decided to take latin as one of my options as I am told it is more highly accredited throughout the world and is better for me as it involves no speaking exam. Also I wish to thank you in giving me a very sturdy footing in my languages studies! Loving Mandarin and Spanish as well, as they are both very logical languages although Mandarin is just a load of squiggles!

Mr OC- You will be glad to know that I have decided to take IT for GCSE as I think that nowadays almost every job in the world involves a computer and having a GCSE in this may give me the edge over another applicant!

Mr AB - I am really enjoying Latin at the college and I am finding it much much easier now I have a sound understanding of the language you will be glad to know that I have decided to take this to GCSE level!

Mrs Alexander - As you know I love History with a passion and this is why I have decided to take it for GCSE and I also feel that it will really spark an interest for me. As of now we are studying WWI and the causes of this war and we have now started to look at propaganda used in the recruitment of soldiers.

Mr Ritchie - Over the years as you know I have always had a passion for building 'stuff'.  Doesn’t matter what it was but I just loved building things and this is why i have decided to take DT for one of my GCSE choices.

Sorry for the ridiculous length of email but I just thought that you would like to know how I was getting on and feel free to use this as advice towards other pupils if they are worried about their next school!

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Stilwell

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