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A Tourist Resort on the Moon? Bede’s Galactic Challenge

Posted: 22nd January 2020

A Tourist Resort on the Moon? Bede’s Galactic Challenge

Bede’s Galactic Challenge

Up until Saturday 18th January 2020, I had not considered what a tourist resort upon the moon would look like, let alone what it would be made of, how it would be powered, how it would be manned nor how clean and breathable air would be distributed. I had not considered this for the present day so I was amazed when 14 children from Year 7 and 8 put forward 2 proposals for a moon based tourist resort in the year 2069. 

An entire day of child-led, team based learning - requiring the delegation of responsibilities, research into current and futuristic materials and power sources, artistic design and mind boggling mathematics. Of the 5 teams present, a number of Skippers’ pupils put themselves forward to be Vice President or President of their organisation. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn and to challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone, before presenting the proposals to 300 parents, 100 children and an expert judging panel.

Amelia Burden (Y8) has written a review of the day.

First we were given our brief altogether. A holiday resort on the moon, commemorating 100 years since the first moon landing. We then split into 5 companies and the people from Skippers were spread across 2 companies: ‘Astrodyne Delta’ and ‘Solarius Flight Systems’. In our groups we had to decide on a president and 1 or 2 vice presidents. Theo was vice president for Astrodyne and Nell was vice president for Solarius. 

We split into 3 groups within our companies. Operations (e.g.oxygen and water); humans and automations ( and night cycle and robots); and design (e.g.rooms and overall look). Once we had done everything, we had to put it all together into a 10 minute powerpoint with only 20 slides. We then presented it to the parents and a panel of judges who asked us questions. 

The judges were all really impressed by how creative and different each design was. The judges then picked the company that they liked the design of most. The winning company was ‘Solarius Flight Systems’ with Nell, Issy P, Harry, Max, Alex, Zac and Francis.

(In ‘Astrodyne Delta’ there was Theo, Sam, Amelia, Clara, Mia and Alfie )

I think everyone learnt how to communicate, how to present and most of all how difficult it is to build a holiday resort on the moon.

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