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A fantastic performance by our 3 & 4’s of Tuishi Pamoja

Posted: 24th March 2015 | Category: Drama, Year 3, Year 4

Congratulations to all our Year 3 & 4 pupils who worked so hard all term on their wonderful performance of Tuishi Pamoja.

Here are some quotes from the children that they wrote  after the performance.

Daisy-Mae: Tuishi Pamoja; a friendship under African skies. I was Raffi's mother. My favourite song was 'Take a look at you' because it was very catchy music and I loved the words. I had a great time!Congratulations to our Year 3 and 4's for their wonderful performance last week which was enjoyed by all their families and friends.

Milly: Our play was called Tuishi Pamoja which means 'We want to live together'. I was a zebra. It was fun and scary. I think the most scary bit was singing a duet with Daisy! My favourite bit of the play was when the animals realised Raffi and Zea were missing. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me!

Felina: It was hard to learn the words and I remember our first rehearsal without words. It was sooooooo awkward. The meerkats had a hard job because of all the short phrases but in the end, with a little help from Mrs Foden and Miss Henry we accomplished our goal. When we started the songs, Mrs Holleyman did such a good job we all learnt the songs straight away. I think (and I am not trying to boast) but I think we all did a pretty good job.

Elysia: I played Raffi, one of the main parts. The giraffes had fun because we liked to try and make long necks. I think the zebras had fun showing off their stripes. (Yuck, they should have had spots!). The Year 3s were giraffes, zebras, lions or dream spirits. The dream spirits were so amazing and wafty, the lions were scary and fierce and the narrator, Berty, was a great opening. The make-up and face paint was amazing and for an extra touch the girls got lipstick!

Lily: Year 3 and 4 did Tuishi Pamoja as a play. Some of the audience laughed out loud. . A lot of people were nervous but I was very nervous. I enjoyed it. I had a great time.


Nidal: I was scared at the beginning but when I went on the stage I wasn't feeling scared any more but I didn't like the face paint.


Reilly: At the start I had stage fright but after speaking I felt perfectly okay. When on stage I don't think I did my best acting-wise because I felt that if I did anything wrong I would spoil the scene


Ollie: This was an experience. I enjoyed the play. I am glad we accomplished it. It was fun.


Lucy: I played the part of a giraffe. I got very nervous at first. Then, at the second performance I was excited and I really enjoyed myself. I liked ' Friends at last' . It was the last song in the play and I liked it because I got to sing a solo with Jess G.

Jess G: I was a meerkat and it was quite hard but fun. When we did the actual thing it was amazing, like everybody in the world was there! When we did the last show we were really sad amd I wanted to do it again because we had worked for three weeks and it was a shame to leave it.


Berty: In the play, when we started, I was really nervous because I was a narrator and a zebra and I had to speak first before anyone but I got used to it. It was very enjoyable and it was very fun to do but sometimes it was scary if you forgot your lines.


Libby: I really enjoyed performing Tuishi Pamoja. It was a very enjoyable play. I really liked how the play was put together and we performed very well. I also enjoyed the make-up. It was really nice that Daisy-Mae' mum, Cole's mum and Nidal's mum came in and put our make-up on; thank you for that.

Jess C: I was a meerkat. The meerkats made the giraffes and zebras friends. The lines of the play were hard for the meerkats. It was hard to remember when to come in and when to say your lines.


Alfie G: I liked Tuish Pamoja because it was fun to do and it was full of morals. It was nerve racking singing solos but it was worth it in the end and everyone worked hard.


From all the children: An enormous thank you to all the people who stepped in and helped: make-up, costumes, stage and lighting, printing    

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