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37 children take Speech and Drama Exams

Posted: 20th May 2015 | Category: Drama, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

Congratulations to all those who took their Speech and Drama exams last week.

What a fantastic set of results!

37 Children took a total of 38 exams in Speech and Drama, Shakespeare and Musical Theatre at the beginning of this term.

In the Speech and Drama Exams taken by 32 of them, they had to perform in front of the examiner a selection of items: a poem, a piece of Acting, a prepared Mime or improvisation on a Subject given to them by the Examiner, Sight read or tell a story from a picture or words also given to them by the examiner , and then answer questions on the performed pieces.

In the Shakespeare Exam, candidates had to: perform two extracts from Shakespeare plays of different genres; rework one of the prepared extracts on a modern setting; or answer questions on the play as if you were the character that you are playing; then answer questions on Shakespeare (the plays and blank verse);  in  addition, in the senior Grades, recite a Shakespearean  Sonnet .

In the Musical Theatre exam, a candidate has to sing/act  two contrasting songs, perform a piece of acting, perform a dance  on the theme of one or more of the prepared pieces and answer questions on the programme they have just performed.

All our children must be congratulated for doing so well  and our results were well above the national average. Some students received Distinction for an exam which would normally be taken by students  3 years old than them.

A special mention must go to  those who achieved Distinctions: 10 of whom  were awarded 90 marks or more.


High Distinctions  90 or above

Tabatha Collier 90   Grade 1

Alfie Ball   93 Grade 1

Martha Lillicrap 94 Grade 1

Matilda Chapman 95 Grade 1

Jessica Christensen 90 Grade 2

Alfie Gidney 91 Grade 2

Felina Gorringe 92 Grade 2

Libby Thomas 96 Grade 2

Toby Anderson 93 Grade 5

Jerome Convert 94 Grade 5


Distinctions 85 -89 marks

Henry Gadsden Grade 1

Max Williams Grade 1      

Sam Williams Grade 1   

Martha Hall Grade 1    

Charlotte Sturgess Grade 1   

Daisy Gibb Grade 2

Anoushka Beardshaw Grade 4    

Diya Deroda Grade 4    

Adam Emin Grade 5


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