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The Webb Family

The Webb Family

Jack Webb
Cranbrook School (boarding), Year 12:

"What makes Skippers special? Skippers Hill is unlike any school I have ever been to or visited. The atmosphere is absolutely brilliant; the members of staff are so much more than just teachers. When I was there I felt I could go to any one of them if I had a problem. Everyone knows each other’s names and it is one of the closest large communities I have ever been part of, and I go to boarding school so that says a lot!

"Skippers taught me an awful lot, not just in the educational sense (though I still use Mr Knight’s year 8 method to solve AS physics algebra!), but also in the skills that are absolutely crucial for life. Being able to be polite, to be empathetic, to generally be nice to people. I would recommend Skippers to anyone because there is no other school I have ever encountered that caters for such a huge range of individuals and allows each and every one of them to shine."

Emily Webb
Cranbrook School (boarding), Year 9:

"Despite the fact that I only left Skippers six months ago, I can already see how Skippers was completely different and more wonderful than any of the many schools I have heard of from my new friends. “We don’t teach classes, we teach individuals”. I remember joking about how cheesy this line was, however I realise now how true it was; if anybody had any sort of problem it would be addressed and dealt with, whether it was social or educational, individually ensuring that each pupil was as happy and as comfortable as possible.

"I also made friends through my eight years at Skippers that I could never forget and, even though I now live with 9 other girls, I do not think I could ever be as close to them as I am to my best friends from Skippers. I miss Skippers but I do not think I would have had nearly as good a start at Cranbrook as I did without my years there, I think that every single pupil would enjoy and love Skippers just as much as I did. Thanks."

Lizzy Webb
Current Skippers pupil in Year 4:

"Skippers is really fun. All the different age groups mix well. It has really nice teachers. I like Skippers.""

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