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The Ridge Family

Helen Ridge, mother of four boys, three of whom are currently at Skippers Hill; the fourth left last year (2010).

Why did you choose Skippers for your children?

Switching from a small village school, we wanted to ensure that our boys would not be 'lost' in a larger year group, but also to be taught in much smaller class sizes. Previously we felt that their individual needs and opportunities were not noticed or developed but having met the team at Skippers we were reassured that Tim and the teachers would know and care about our boys as much as we did. Effectively, Skippers felt like a bit home tuition but with the right people with the right facilities.

What do you feel Skippers has given to your children?

Independent thinking, self-confidence and a belief that they can achieve, even in the areas that they find more difficult. It is so much more than just academic achievement but the ability to be more rounded individuals with respect for others.

What does Skippers offer as a smaller school that other schools may not?

A family, home from home environment and the ability to really know and grow each one as an individual.

What was special about the time your children spent in the Junior School?

Our youngest son is the first to have attended Skippers Junior School and having had three older sons in a village school the difference in the progression, ability and confidence of our youngest is tremendous. At the end of reception his reading abilities were no dissimilar to those of our other children towards the middle of Year 2. The small class size and family atmosphere have been key to his settling quickly at school and really enjoying learning. The size of Skippers also meant that Ptolemy continued to have contact with his older brothers at times during the school day which is also important to us with a longer school day - they have a chance to be a family at school as well as at home.

How do you feel about the improvements happening in the next few  months for example the new school-wide IT suite, refurbishment to the classrooms?

We have always believed that what went on in the classroom was more important than what the classroom looked like, however, the new improvementsare certainly going to be beneficial and it is lovely seeing the boys come home excited and proud of the changes.

In a few sentences can you sum up what makes Skippers unique?

Tim! OK - you can't put that in. Skippers is unique because all are equal and it feels like a family. Each child's successes both in and out of school are celebrated and their knock-backs are cared about with 'a you tried your best' and better to have tried, failed and how to do it better next time than not to have given it a go. The small size is also part of Skipper's unique atmosphere, it is norm for Senior school children to know the names of all the Juniors and vice versa and this is important for the family and caring feel. Something that would not be possible in a larger school. The door is always open for parents to share concerns and they actually get acted upon.

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