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Matt Cro

Name: Matt Cro
Age: 23
Time at Skippers: 1992 - 2002

I started at Skippers Hill in 1992, starting right at the beginning in Kindergarten. Rising up through the years, I discovered my passion for science, particularly in the field of space exploration. Looking back on my time at school, every teacher that taught me always took an interest in my passion, and would try and help and push me that little bit further to fulfil that passion, and help me prepare for my education beyond Skippers.

After finishing the (dreaded!) Common Entrance exams, I left Skippers in 2002 to start at Brighton College (where I met my future wife!). From there I went to the University of Leicester to study Physics with Space Science and Technology, and after graduating in 2010 I joined EADS Astrium, fulfilling a lifelong dream of working in the space technology and exploration industry.

My fondest memories of Skippers would perhaps be during the summer terms and Sports Days. While not being particularly sporty myself, the day of competitions, spent with family and friends on what was (usually) a wonderfully hot and sunny day was great fun, and in my last year I finally won a race! I did however use to detest the walk up and down what seemed like an endless hill after a long afternoon of sport, although I did miss it when I then had to walk a mile to a from the sports fields in Brighton! The summer terms were always enjoyable, lessons on the grass in front of the swimming pool, plenty of time spent outside, and once the exams were over with, the fun activities that would follow as well, and I’m sure all former Common Entrance sitters will agree the Dorset trip was well deserved!

It is a testament to the school that not only I, but other ex-pupils, still speak so fondly of a school that has been teaching children for over 50 years.

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