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Guy Quittenton


Below is an extract from the magazine of Guy's interview.  
What was the best bit about your school and why?
Skippers Hill was a place of friendly smiles. Not only from the caring teachers, but also from the genuinely happy pupils. From Reception to Year 8, grins were seen across the playground, on the sports fields and in the classrooms.

Of course it was not always smiles, but everything was done to restore them. Part of being in the older years was to make the effort to know all of the pupils’ names, which created a sense of community across all years. My favourite thing was that at Skippers, you were never alone and it was easy to be happy.
What was the most valuable life lesson that you’ve learnt during your time at Skippers Hill?
Skippers taught me that there is a way to enjoy all challenges and that was as a team.

However, the most valuable life lesson that I learnt, was that making other people happy and being positive, results in being happy yourself.

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