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Why it is important to have a well balanced diet and regular exercise

Posted: 21st January 2015 | Category: Year 6

Year 6 has been working in small groups to research and produce a booklet aimed at someone their age on :


The booklet had to contain the following:

·        Why is a balanced diet so important

·        The names of the 7 nutrients, their functions in the body and some examples of food rich in each nutrient.

·        A labelled diagram of the digestive system and the function of the major parts

·        How food travels through the digestive system

·        How food is broken down into soluble glucose and absorbed into the blood stream

·        Some conditions caused by dietary deficiencies

·        What does regular exercise do for us


Having finished their booklets here is what a few of the girls had to say.

Lucy ‘ I hadn’t realised how many interesting facts there were to learn about on this topic. I had never realised how important Carbohydrates were as part of a balanced diet.’

Diya ‘ I was surprised at how many different nutrients there are and I enjoyed learning about which foods were rich in each nutrient.’

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