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Don’t panic if Skippy falls in to the Thames

Posted: 13th September 2016 | Category: Reception

The wonderful new Reception class checked in confidently last Monday - complete with shiny shoes and hair, and shorts built to last. We had a great week visiting Sue in Kindergarten a lot, establishing our class rules and learning where things are kept.

Suggestions for the ‘golden rules’ included:

“ You must not bite someone on the toe”

“You must not pull the tyres off cars”

“You must not bring live worms inside” (presumably dead worms are fine)

These suggestions gave us a lovely insight into some of the children's summer holiday activities!

Skippy the deer spent his first weekend of the academic year as a houseguest. Those of you who have not had a child in Reception before will be thrilled to hear that you have this treat in store. Skippy goes home with a different Reception child each Friday, returns Monday, and is accompanied by his diary. We ask that you record some of the activities your child enjoys with Skippy, which are shared with the rest of the class each Monday. These activities do not have to be anything out of the ordinary or costly. Please try not to lose Skippy or drop him off a bridge into the Thames; but if you do, reassure your child that Skippy has superpowers and will have returned to Skippers independently by Monday morning. Then email me quicksticks so that I can get Skippy’s clone out of the cupboard.

Michelle and I are so looking forward to the rest of the year; the children are such a lovely bunch and have already shown enthusiasm and focus.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

With very best wishes,

Mrs P and Michelle

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