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Hands on approach for Year 4 learning about the digestive system

Posted: 4th October 2017

Year 4 are learning about the digestive system in Science this term. To help understand what happens to food once it has been eaten, the children carried out a messy practical activity!

First we crushed up some crackers and a banana, mixing them with water to represent the saliva in our mouths. Once the food moved down the oesophagus we added some orange juice, which acted like the acid in our stomach. We then put the mushy mess in some tights, representing the small intestine. Here we could see all the juices seep out of the tights, which showed the nutrients being absorbed into our body.

Next, we cut the tights and the remaining food was passed into a tea towel, representing the large intestines; here we saw that the body absorbs more of the water from the food. Finally, we put the leftover food into a plastic cup and pushed it through a hole cut in the bottom; this was the left over poo!

The children had great fun and were able to see this complex process using a hands-on approach! Another memorable Science lesson! 



Click here to see more photos of the lesson

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