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Future aeronautical engineers in the making?

Posted: 2nd March 2016 | Category: Year 6

Whilst the girls were at Moira house, the boys took part in a practical mathematics lesson.
They were each provided with a sheet of A4 paper and much to their astonishment instructed to make a paper plane. These feats of engineering were all of various designs and were tweaked to the individuals own specifications.
Once constructed the boys were ready to take the planes outside and record the distances that each could fly and the time of the flights in seconds. It was at this point the girls returned so they were equipped with stopwatches and tape measures and we all set off to the top quad for a data collecting exercise.
Taking it in turns to launch the planes each maiden flight was recorded, this information was shared upon returning to the classroom and used to calculate the speed of the planes.
The pupils then focused on all the maths used within this activity and the lesson ended with the pupils asked to consider the maths involved in designing, building and flying an actual plane from a private jet to a 737. 


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