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Say hello to our new librarians!

Posted: 14th June 2016 | Category: Year 6, Year 7

Ruby, Daisy-Mae, Milly and Martha are our new librarians and have already been busy helping to organise and label books, as well as keeping the library tidy for you.
Their first task was to hide 'Golden Tickets' amongst the books.  If you are lucky enough to find one of these tickets you might win a prize! But... be prepared to answer a few questions about the book.
The librarians are also collecting information from children about books they would like to have in the library.  If you think we should have particular titles in the library, please let Daisy-Mae and Milly know during senior morning break or write the details on the form pinned up on the library notice board.  We can't promise anything but it would help us provide books that you want to read.
Before the end of term we will be giving details of a competition that can be done over the summer holidays so keep an eye on the library boards over the next few weeks.
If you have borrowed books from the library recently, you will have noticed that they have stickers on the spines.  This is so that the librarians can put the books back in the right place, which helps the next person find it.  A list of what each letter means is in the library.  Please make sure you either put books back in the correct place or, if you are not sure, just leave it on the shelf by the door and the librarians will make sure it finds its way back to the right section.
Remember, to make sure we can all enjoy the library, it needs to be kept tidy and clean.  This means no eating in the library.
If you have any questions about the library, the librarians will be pleased to help. A rota will be made soon so you know when to find them.
We will be looking to recruit more librarians in September so, if you are interested, you can start by looking after the library whenever your own class is using it.
Thank you,
Ruby, Milly, Daisy-Mae and Martha

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