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Revolting Children

Posted: 22nd March 2016 | Category: Drama

A Safeguarding Scandal that did not make the national press.  A wheeling, dealing father, who wanted to exchange his baby daughter for a boy.  A tango-dancing mother more concerned with make-up and covering up her roots.  A terrible case of child neglect.   A tyrannical Headmistress, who revelled in dishing out the most ghastly of punishments.  A gaggle of revolting children, who succeeded in overthrowing the head, who had threatened to crush them.
So, how could all this happen in a sleepy Sussex village?  The Revolting Children were members of Skippers Hill Musical Theatre group, who took part in a production of Matilda last weekend.  And they were splendid!  From a five year old Matilda who led the revolt to the dastardly Miss Trunchbull who, in the face of rebellion, did the only thing she could.  She ran!  The delightful Miss Honey, who had been cowed by her head teacher’s acerbic tongue, rescued Matilda from her traumatic home life so giving the story a happy ending.
The acting, the dancing and the singing were superb and came from a group of children who obviously enjoyed every minute of the show and delighted a packed house!
Well done, all of you!

Carolyn Holleyman

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