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Year 1 and 2 Work

Year 2 have been concentrating on writing letters and postcards. Over Half Term they were asked to write a postcard saying what they had been doing  and then post it to the class.  They have all been eagerly awaiting their arrival in the Office and then reading them out to the class.







Roman Chariot Design Work:

The children in Year 2 have been learning about the Romans during their cross-curricular lessons, combining history, art and design. They started by researching Roman chariots before designing their own chariots. Their next task was to investigate ways to make their chariots stand up. The project resulted in some very original designs. View examples of their work below.

A Year 2 has shared his findings from his research into Roman chariots:

The Romans raced with chariots to entertain people.  

Chariots were pulled by two or four horses.  

People who drive chariots are called charioteers.  

It was dangerous to drive a chariot because they could fall out of the back.

The chariots went very fast.  

The chariots were very heavy.  

They were made of metal.  

If a chariot ran over you it would squash you.

The patterns on the chariots were quite scary.  Some of them had a horrible monster on the front to frighten the other charioteers.

By Jacob, Year 2

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